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We are excited to announce that we are the major sponsor for the champions, The Fitzroy Tigers Futsal Club. We are proud to be apart of this journey with a team of respectful, hard playing young men and women including their manager Gabriel and president Jimmy. We aim for the team to focus more on their training, matches and well being while being treated with some great products to assist with muscle pain and recovery.

Thank you to the team for welcoming us into your home.

Fitzroy Tigers are now part of the Allay Family. We are not just a sponsor we are supporters.



A dedicated and passionate young 18 year old Sri Lankan fighter from Melbourne fighting his way to the top where he will be known as a hall of fame MMA fighter. Aiming to prove his supporters right and doubters wrong, his fiery heart will continue and not give up.

Oshane has also been using the Body Balm to help his muscles recover as he undergoes intense training and fights.

Being apart of Oshanes journey is inspirational and we are here to support him and watch him grow. He has a future ahead of him and we are honoured to be apart of it. Another member added to the Allay Family.